a pickled pantry

January 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

I thought I would share some pics from my week of pickling. I have to say it was a bit exhausting and I’m going to have to learn to pace myself a bit with these projects.

I think the biggest highlights were:

1) Kimchi – I never knew how healthy it was and also how easy it is to make.  It was by far the easiest and also the least expensive. It costs about $3 to make kimchi that will last you a few weeks.  I’ll be replacing potato chips with kimchi for a snack!

2) Learning how to carry on a few family traditions with making sauerkraut and also making the pickle recipe my grandparents used to love.

3) Holly helped me find an amazing Korean BBQ place in Aurora that we can now go to when we need our fix. Korean SAE Jong Kwan.

The downsides of the week:

1) I don’t really enjoy canning.  It’s kind of labor intensive and given I’m above 5,000 feet you have to adjust timing which I feel like might cook the veggies too much.  I did like hearing the satisfying “pop” of the cans that let me know at least there were sealed properly.

2) Getting all of the materials you need is a little cumbersome, so I felt like that took more time and money than I would have liked.  I think I need to be more realistic about what I try to accomplish in a week.

I did learn a ton about various cultural and historical aspects of what is a somewhat simple dish.  I also have a newfound respect for Martha Stewart (there, Casey, I said it).  I’m glad that I can move onto other things now!

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