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In 2011, I’ve found myself at an interesting point. My husband and I moved from Los Angeles to Boulder, CO last year for an opportunity for him at CP+B, a great ad agency. I left an amazing yet demanding advertising job as the planning director on the Apple account at Media Arts Lab and decided not to jump back into another full time job.  We don’t have kids, yet. For the first time in years, I have a good chunk of free time. I thought I’d figure out what else there might be beyond advertising.

In lieu of a new year’s resolution, I’m resolving to do 52 new things, one per week.  A week won’t be enough time for mastering anything but it’ll give me a taste of what I might like to spend more time doing down the line. The whole year isn’t mapped out yet, but there are a few things guiding the “to dos”:

1) (obvious) Interests. I’ve spent much of the last 10 years focused on building my career in advertising which has left little time or energy to pursue interests I’ve had along the way.  While it’s a fun field, advertising has probably turned me into my worst critic.  Especially working on Apple the past 3 years, everything was distilled down, clearly positioned and perfectly executed.  It’s why they’re such an amazing company, but it’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself.  For this project I’m going to give myself a break and just jump into things.  Some interests will be more straightforward and easy and others will definitely be taking me out of my comfort zone.

2) Local. We plan to stay in Boulder awhile and since growing up in South Carolina I’ve never really allowed myself to think of the other places I’ve lived as “Home”.  I’d like to use this project as an opportunity to really get to know what’s going on around me and maybe even become part of the community here. I’m hoping to meet interesting people doing interesting things.  Everything won’t be Boulder centric, but I’m going to explore the area where I can.

3) Craft. This is the area I am most interested in exploring.  I read a book last year called Shop Class as Soulcraft and it really left an impression on me.  I can remember growing up my grandfather could fix anything and my grandmother made fresh bread, canned, preserved and knew everything about sewing. I think there’s something in these things that has been lost.  I’d like to try to find a bit of it.

Why a blog? I’m no writer and the thought of putting stuff up for others to read is a little intimidating, but I hope it will help keep me on track first and foremost. I hope some of what I learn and do may be of interest to others. I would also love for people to share some of their own experiences and expertise along the way.

§ 22 Responses to about me

  • Jason O says:

    Love it

  • Stephanie Shively says:

    can’t wait to follow this!

  • Amity says:

    I like that you started with a signature cocktail. I half expected “vintage” to refer to the vodka drinks you mixed in 1988 as a 14 year old. At least now you don’t have to water down our parents’ liquor bottles to make them appear full. In the spirit of chronology, I feel “Fly Girl” dance moves should be next week. Can’t wait!

  • Brannon Penland says:

    Good Luck with the blog Darcie!!! Let me know when you want to learn about bonsai trees or skateboarding.:)

  • dshively says:

    i love all the suggestions! Brannon, I’m still as bad at skateboarding as i was in jr. high. Bonsai trees on the other hand could be cool!

  • Amy says:

    i love it, darce!! go you!

  • Lindsey says:

    Look forward to your insight and ideas.

  • Very cool concept and follow through! I love creative people… I admire your passion and lack of greed 😉

    • dshively says:

      Andy, you are one of the nicest greedy people I’ve met in awhile. 😉 Thanks for checking out the blog. Hopefully we’ll see more of your yoga moves at Oak in the future.

  • Kay Bradley says:

    Brilliant. I absolutely dig the creative ways you go about exploring people and the world around you. You never cease to inspire me.

    • dshively says:

      Aw, thanks Kay! I’m glad you got a chance to check it out. I would love to catch up one of these days. It’s been too long. I bet you’re running Chicago by now. 🙂 Thanks for reading.

  • Natalia Melichar says:

    This looks so fun! I see what you saying about ice fishing, I would be just falling apart, fun fun!

  • Jen Calcao says:

    Love reading your blog Darcie. You’ve definitely lit a spark in me. Would love to be adventurous and try out some of the Boulder based stuff with you. See you soon.

  • tasha says:

    WOW! impressed!

  • Duke says:

    Almost there. eeeeeeeeeeee. ¡Todo ha sido Ge Ni Al!

  • Carla Burchell says:

    Darcie! It was so great meeting you last night at the NYE party! I have read a couple of your blogs and I’m already inspired! Steve and I are sitting here discussing the possibility of writing a blog of our own. We are getting ready to enter the world of the dreaded “empty nest” and think it could be fun to write about our journey. Thank you for your inspiration! I hope to meet up with you soon and get to know you better!

    Happy New Year and many blessings,
    Carla Burchell (Capstick)

    • dshively says:

      It was great meeting you too and I hope we can grab coffee soon! I’d love to hear more about your empty nest blog. I have a feeling a lot of people would relate!
      Happy New Year!

  • ericoni says:

    Hi Darcie…Can you add a 53rd? Come back and visit London? I’ll teach you how to pull a pint (or you can drive my old Mini Cooper…)

  • Hello You!

    Found this blog yesterday. Amazing stuff!

    Hope you are well 😉


  • bellamy says:

    Great blog. I was surfing for elderly porn and found your site at 52todo…haha. just kidding….the truth is i am in thailand on holiday and after finding myself on the business end of a bottle of mekong rum decided to search for old classmates from USC. Glad to see all is well for you. Hope i didn’t post anything silly last night! ~mike b

    • me says:

      Hey Mike,
      I’m finally checking back in on my blog and saw your funny email. How is life in China? I’m enjoying Colorado. Still get to travel a bit, but just mainly for fun. I got bit by the outdoorsy bug & love the life here. much simpler.
      shoot me a note sometime. my email is darcie.shively@gmail.com.
      good to hear from you,

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