get thee a hand crank ice cream machine

July 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’m officially now a devout homemade ice cream person. The conversion took all of a week and some fun nights with friends hanging out making ice cream. For those that may be interested I’m pretty happy with the machine I got. When asked if I would have preferred having an electric one or the hand crank, I would still go with the hand crank. It’s a little more work, but you really feel like you’re making ice cream. I think it tastes even better from all the manpower you put in.

The ice cream maker I’ve been using is the White Mountain 4qt. hand crank machine. I purchased it for $169.95 at McGuckin in Boulder which is hands down the best local hardware store I’ve ever been in. I think the 4 qt is a perfect size because you can definitely make enough ice cream for anywhere from 2-15 or so people to enjoy. Unless you’re making serious batches I think it’s a good size.

It’s a bit of an investment, but White Mountain has been in the business for 150 years and guarantees their product. I can foresee many fun Summer nights of ice cream making to come that will more than justify the expense.

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