Colorado Camping

September 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

I may have mentioned before that I can tend to have an overactive imagination sometimes. When it comes to camping it comes to the forefront. Up until this year I hadn’t been camping since I’d seen The Blair Witch Project a decade ago. Now I’m living in Colorado it would be a shame to let that irrational fear get in the way, so I’ve ventured out a bit here and there. I’m treating it like I treat swimming in the ocean. I block out thoughts of Jaws and other sharp-tooth creatures that could eat me and get out there and swim.

Many would argue what I’m doing this week really doesn’t qualify as camping. I will be car camping which means I can pull right up to a built in campsite, will be surrounded by others and will have the luxury of a bathroom nearby. I will be sleeping in a tent nonetheless and it’s likely to be pretty cool this time of year so in my book it still counts.

This week will be less about getting out into the wilderness Survivor style and more about learning the basics of camping. I’m hoping to learn more about the notion: “Be Prepared”.  The good thing about car camping is I can also subscribe to the motto “Be Comfortable” in that preparation. Who says you can’t eat gourmet meals or sleep comfortably just because you’re sleeping outside?

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