meet Compton my composting bin

May 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

For about $30 at McGuckin Hardware, we now have our very own countertop composting container and I decided for some reason it needed a name since it will be prominently placed on our countertop. Compton seemed like a good one for a composting container. It makes it feel a little more badass than the average composting bin…and I’m a huge late 80s – early 90s rap fan.

No, I don’t normally name countertop appliances, but it seems like Compton is going to be pulling more weight around the house than most.

For those who don’t know what in your house is compostable material, you can check your local waste mgmt or there are a number of resources online. We use Western Disposal in Boulder and here’s what they accept:

Compostables are organic materials that will naturally decompose quickly and can be used for enhancing and conditioning soil. These materials include fruit and vegetable scraps, meat and bones, coffee grounds and teabags, food-soiled or waxed cardboard, compostable containers, and plant materials.

Our compost bin they collect is actually about twice the size of the trash can…a subtle hint we should be composting, not throwing organic material out with the trash. Now that I’ve stopped to take a moment to learn more about it, it’s pretty easy and should significantly cut down on our trash.

Here’s Compton already at work on some fruit, veggies, eggshells and tea bags. The container has carbon filters built in that reduce any odor you might expect.

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