Learning to be more mechanical

November 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

My grandfather collected antique cars and at one point had about 7 different kinds of them. I grew up around those cars and the people who liked to tinker with them. My grandparents would take us on week long trips around Pennsylvania and New England with the Model A club they belonged to. The first car I ever drove was a Model T Ford when I was 12.
 I loved riding around in those cars. People would talk to you wherever you went and want to learn more about the cars. When I moved to LA a few years ago I was back in a place that loves classic cars and after my lease on my Audi was up I bought my very own, a 1973 Mini Innocenti. It is an Italian version manufactured by Lambretta. “Little Buddy” has his quirks (like not running in the rain) but overall has been a loyal friend.
 When I bought Little Buddy I was buying him more for looks and something fun to drive than for convenience. When you have a classic car it’s important to get to know each other a bit. Aside from aesthetics, classic cars really do have their own personalities and hang ups.

This week I’d like to learn how to work on my car a bit so I know how it works a little better. I’ve talked with my mechanic and he’s agreed to let me come in and learn how to do some of the routine maintenance on my car. While I’ve learned a lot about technology over the past decade or so, I am not the most mechanically inclined person. I think it will be interesting to learn how something so near and dear to my heart actually works.

I think my grandfather would also be proud.

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