rovinj croatia

May 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

we didn’t have a lot of time here but it was worth the drive down. croatia is surprisingly lush in the countryside and it seems to be a pretty huge wine growing region as well. we had a little hiccup with the hotel. we had a cute historic hotel booked in the center but were moved to “Hotel Eden”. Eden, not so much. a hotel yes. Other than that, Rovinj was adorable.

a little windy!

the cats of croatia are like gangsters

John checking out an old bunker. not sure which war it was from.

handmade flowers. not sure how we’d get these home.

a wonderful little restaurant off the beaten path we found. 8 tables. fresh fish. music from the 30s and a quirky croatian lady.


adorable little boats. looks like a potential next pixar film.

croatia, the jersey shore.

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