Satisfying curiosity

September 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

Let me just start this week off with few clarifications: 1) I will not be joining the NRA anytime soon. 2) I will not be buying a gun and 3) I don’t plan on hunting anything. I don’t even kill bugs if I can help it.  I simply want to see what it’s like to fire a gun.

There are a lot of things I’ve learned over the course of this year that will come in handy for years to come. I know, or at least I hope, shooting a gun won’t be one of them. I’m just curious what it’s like. For good or bad, guns are such a huge part of our culture, and I really have no first hand knowledge of them. The most I’ve ever done is shoot a bb gun at summer camp.

Even if Boulder is not remotely a gun slinging town of the Old West, it is still in Colorado. It seems appropriate that I at least learn how to shoot.


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