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June 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

This weekend is Father’s Day and I love this picture of my Dad with my niece, Grace. He’s the best Dad anyone could ask for. I’m looking forward to heading home to be there for Father’s Day and his birthday this coming week. To me this picture epitomizes the feeling of the late “Iz” Kamakawiwoʻole’s ukulele rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Playing the ukulele has not only brought back a lot of simple, beautiful songs but a lot of memories as well. It connects you back to that childlike feeling of things being much simpler and filled with wonder. It shuts out all the baggage you’ve gathered along the way.  At TED last year Jake Shimabukuro, a ukulele artist, played an incredible rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. If you haven’t seen it you have to check it out. What I liked even better was what he said. “Today I’m going to try to convince you that what the world needs now is ukulele. This is the underdog of instruments and I’ve always believed it’s the instrument of peace because if everyone played the ukulele the world would be a much happier place.”
I couldn’t agree more.

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