lower monthly bills: ask and you shall receive

March 9, 2011 § 4 Comments

“Drop it like it’s hot” was what my AT&T rep, Steven, said he was going to do to my monthly wireless bill. You have to love both the enthusiasm and the lower monthly bill I’ll be enjoying.

I’m the kind of person who will sign up for something, usually taking advantage of a special of some sort and then not really pay attention from that point on, dutifully paying my bills each month. This week I decided to look into my main monthly bills and see how I could cut costs. A few hours later it looks like I’ll be saving us around $2700 a year! The only thing we’re giving up is HBO. Hopefully by Boardwalk Empire time they’ll have worked out something with iTunes.

Given companies expend so much energy trying to get you to spend your money, it’s hard to imagine you can just call them up and someone will willingly, happily help you cut your monthly expenses with them. That’s exactly what happened with AT&T, Comcast and Xcel energy.

paying for what you use: With AT&T both mine and my husband’s usage has been quite a bit lower since moving to CO so we were paying for a lot of minutes, messages and data we don’t use. I even found out I had forgotten to turn off my intl data plan from last Fall when I was still traveling (oops!). Steven once again came to my rescue and refunded 3 months of it. $900/year savings. I also looked into my husband’s contract and figured out how to save another $480/year.

taking advantage of new specials/programs: When I called Comcast I found out I could keep everything I had (other than HBO) and qualified for their Double Play offer. Chassidy also offered to discount my HDR box by $15/month, for a savings of $900/year. It’s worth checking in with service providers from time to time to see if there are new specials to take advantage of. I did have to agree to a 12 month contract but it cut my bill in half. Done.

unexpected benefits: Thank you environmental activists of Boulder. When I called my energy company, Xcel, they told me about their SmartGridCity program, which Boulder is the first city to test. It’s all centered around greater understanding of when and how we use energy and rewards customers for energy usage during off-peak hours. It equips customers with lots of data around when and how they’re using energy so they can better understand how to use it more efficiently. It looks like I’ll be able to cut our energy bill in half by signing up and it won’t really affect our lifestyle all that much.

Next up will be the insurance companies! They might be a little tougher but we’ll see.


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