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April 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been tackling the front yard little by little each day, despite snow & a bout of what I believe might be strep throat this weekend. It’s been a long time since anyone had cleaned up all of the weeds, so it’s taken a lot longer to clear the space than I thought. In fact, I’d love to know who planted the honeysuckle that has spread and taken over everything.  I have a few choice words for them.

Despite all that it’s been good to get outside and to start seeing the front yard transform little by little. I enjoy gardening but I’m also learning how expensive it can get. We probably only have another year renting this house, so I decided it might be better to invest more in a garden that can go with us when we move.

We have a wonderful porch off the second floor of the house we’re renting and I’ve been inspired by a lot of the gorgeous urban rooftop gardens out there. They’re like a private oasis.

I like the idea of creating an Italian inspired potager garden up on our porch with potted trees, roses and tomato plants. We have a vacation coming up in Italy in a few weeks and I’m hoping my husband & I can get inspired by what we find.

Until then, I will continue my battle with the honeysuckle little by little. I’ll be anxiously awaiting my husband’s return to help me finally start the planting. He’s the designer, so I wouldn’t really want to plant our garden without him anyway.

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