By your lonesome

September 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Playing cards is always more fun with other people, but Solitaire isn’t all that bad. This week I didn’t just want to play the same old boring game of basic Solitaire, so I decided to learn some other one player games.

I learned a game called Clock I really like. You basically deal out one 52 card deck into 13 hands of 4 and then arrange them like the hours on the clock with one deck in the center.

The object is to get matching piles of each corresponding number in the right place on the clock. Jacks are 11:00 and Queens are 12:00. Kings go in the center deck.

You start by turning over the top center deck card. Whatever the value it is you put it face up on the bottom of the corresponding time on the clock. So if it is an Ace, it would go under the 1:00 deck face up. You then take the top card from that deck and place it under the corresponding deck. You continue in that fashion trying to make all the hours on the clock before you fill the Kings deck in the center. When the 4th king is drawn the game is over. It’s not an easy game to win for sure, but it has a certain amount of suspense to it and it’s a nice change of pace from the same old game of solitaire.


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