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September 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday as part of card week I went and got my first Tarot card reading. I figure it’s a sort of right of passage living in Boulder. My friend Jessica introduced me to a reader, Linda, who she’s known since she was a child. Even though I was a little skeptical going in I really enjoyed it and have to say for an hour long session and $50 I learned a lot about myself through the cards. I think that is the interesting thing about cards. Even though you may not believe in the divinity of choosing them, they lead you to thoughtful discussion about how you’re living positively or how you’re holding yourself back.

Carl Jung was a proponent of using Tarot cards in psychoanalysis because he saw them as representing the archetypes that exist in all of us. It all depends on how you are tapping into them or allowing them to govern your behavior.

I would say my reading was pretty accurate and reflects the past 4 years of my life and where I am hoping to get to:

Present: Queen of Swords – known for perception and insight and the ability to see straight to the heart of any situation. Often depressed or dissatisfied with their inability to live up to their own high standards. Sees painful situations as learning experiences and learns from everything she does.

Immediate Challenge: Ten of Swords – “All they that take the sword will perish by the sword”. Symbolizes an unexpected failure or disaster, beyond your control that humbles you without warning or mercy. Sees self as wounded by other people and circumstances. It signals to pick yourself up off the ground and starting thinking about what happened to you and what you have to learn from it. The ideal is to draw wisdom from defeat.

Distant Past: Six of Swords (reverse) Clearing your mind and putting your thoughts in order. Distancing yourself from a painful situation so you can get new perspective. With distance it is possible to see the larger pattern and start making sense of what you can do about it.

Recent Past: The Hermit (reverse) Creating too much resistance and refusing to listen to counsel, creating a tension you are experiencing. Man is anything but a desert unless in the process of separating in order to find himself he gets lost. He must then depend on the light of another, in grace, to bring him back.

Best Outcome: The World (reverse) You have slowed down to a stop because of your refusal to explore new horizons. You may be at a standstill but the freedom of the World exists in potential and you will feel it when you feel ready to begin the dance of life again. Be willing to express yourself completely and trust in the power given to you. Don’t worry about what others might say.

Immediate Future: Three of Cups – The influence of community is strong in this card. It represents spending happy time in the company of friends and family and celebrating success together. Taking time out from stress and daily hassles to enjoy life.

Factors Affecting the Situation: Nine of Cups – Known as the Wish Card, it is typically a sign whatever your heart’s desire is it will be granted in the coming days. It shows that joy and happiness are within  your grasp and you probably already have them so enjoy the abundance of life for as long as it lasts.

External Influences: Eight of Swords (reverse) – Begin your freedom. Take the blindfold off and allow yourself to clearly see how you have created the situation you are experiencing. You have tremendous potential for focusing on creative and innovative ideas. Stop backing yourself into a corner and be free to forge ahead. Believe.

Inner influence: The Fool – The fool is unmoulded potential, pure and innocent. He simply goes on his way, and does not care what others say about him. He lives an unconventional life doing what is comfortable for him. The fool does not hide himself from the light because he is the light similar to the light that shines out from every child before they build barriers around themselves. The Fool always stands for new beginnings, new choices.

Final Outcome: Queen of Coins (reverse) – Sometimes you need to step back and let others take on the load. Your tendency to mother might feel more like smothering to others so you need to step back and let them care for themselves. The time you may be spending investing too much in others may be causing you to neglect yourself.


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