Ok, midgets can be funny

October 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Every year the ad agency where my husband works has a costume themed holiday party. Last year it was the 80s. One of the guys decided to go as Fantasy Island and flew in a midget he hired to be Tattoo. He was one of the finalists and as he was standing up there on stage he reaches down and picks this poor guy up for more applause. I’m sure some people thought it was funny. To me, they both just looked uncomfortable and you could see on the guy’s face that he may have crossed a line.

I’ve never thought it was funny to make fun of little people. It just always seems a little tasteless no matter how much the person seems to be into it. I’ve never thought it’s that funny to make fun of people for who they are, unless of course it’s Michelle and Marcus Bachmann. They ask for it.

Last night, I decided to challenge my ban against laughing at little people and went to see Brad Williams perform at Comedy Works in Denver. He refers to himself as a dwarf and likes to “make humorous observations on disability, relationships, sex, and race”.  He also likes giving lap dances as you can see. That is not me, by the way.

He didn’t have to try to be funny because as a little person, he has crazy things happen to him regularly that are legitimately funny from women with smurf fetishes wanting to paint him blue to black kids regularly asking what the hell is wrong with him. Instead of letting it get to him he embraces the wacky world of people, normal or not, and comes back with some funny stories.

One of the funniest aspects of the evening was how he would make fun of other kinds of people…fat people, white people, black people, disabled people. He even argued that black people should give up having a month of the year since everything is going so well for them now and technically February is the shortest month, so it should belong to midgets.

I still won’t be laughing at little people anytime soon but it was fun to laugh with him. He was one funny little guy.

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