Sometimes Simple is Best

December 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Truffles have to be one of my favorite chocolates. This weekend I found out how simple they are to make. It just takes really good chocolate and cream (and whatever you want to top them with). I did a bit of searching and found this recipe from Martha Stewart’s site (they do their homework).
It literally only takes a couple of minutes to heat the cream and then melt the chocolate with it. Then it needs to cool in the refrigerator so you can shape it. I would suggest putting it in a square pan so it can cool evenly. The bowl I used was not ideal.

Then it’s time to shape the truffles. I would recommend using a 1″ melon ball spoon to get the shape going when you scrape the mixture out. As you can see your hands melt the chocolate as you’re forming the ball, so mine were pretty misshapen. I rolled the truffles in unsweetened cocoa powder and also did some with salted cashews.

As you get into making chocolate you find it can often be a tricky endeavor but making these truffles was really simple.  No tempering of chocolate, no moulds to contend with or fillings. Just delicious round chocolates that melt in your mouth (and on your hands).

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