airports are the perfect bootcamp for learning yoga

February 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

One of the times I feel least yoga-like is when I have to fly somewhere. It’s easy to stay calm and focused in a nice, warm studio, but an airport is another story. As I flew out of the Denver airport to LAX today I was really trying to think about yoga. I was trying to imagine how the yogis handle going through security and the jostling crowds. I was trying to adopt that mentality of “so be it”. It was pretty hard to do. There were a lot of distractions that took my mind away.

Because of winter weather from the East Coast my flight was delayed so I was late getting into LA. This wasn’t so bad because my meetings aren’t until tomorrow. No big deal.

I found myself overhearing dozens of loud cell phone conversations around me. Why do so many people talk so loudly as though no one is around them? Why can’t I tune out their conversations? I felt badly for the person getting chewed out on the other line.

It got a little harder as I got on the plane. A parent behind me didn’t seem to mind their 5 year old constantly kicking the back of my seat as much as I did. Hard to keep a calm mind when your head keeps jerking forward.

My thoughts drifted further…I couldn’t stop wondering if I would be waking up tomorrow with the some of the colds I could hear people coughing up around me. I don’t really want to say “so be it” to that. I’d rather say “can you please cover your mouth?”

I finally found my “yoga place” looking out the window and letting all the voices around me drown out in the hum of the engine, but it took a lot of effort.

How do the yogis do it?

I’m off to Maha Yoga in Brentwood with my good friend Amy to do some “Happy Yoga”.



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  • Mom says:

    Kid kicking back of seat in plane – heck with using yoga to zone out. Better approach idea tell the kid the next kick on your seat your going to turn around and tie his legs behind his head.

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