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May 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Despite my love of bacon, I’ve never had a lot of trouble being a vegetarian for breakfast since I often only have coffee and little else. When I lived in Boston I lived off a Starbucks mocha til lunchtime. Chocolate is by far my favorite vegetarian food.

Luckily, when I do eat breakfast, I love fruit almost as much as chocolate. There’s only one fruit I don’t like and it’s papaya. I think I may dislike papaya  even more than beets. I know I’m not alone with hating papaya because there are a few Facebook groups that have united in their hate. The one I just joined has their own theme song:

We Hate PAPAYA As It Is For Stinkers! BOO FOR PAPAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Papaya aside, I was thinking about ways to combine my love of chocolate and fruit for a breakfast treat to start the vegetarian week off nice and slow. I was inspired by my friend Holly’s smoothie she makes. I think if I were to cheat this week, I could eat a smoothie for every meal. Smoothies have to be one of the best parts about being a vegetarian.

Holly’s delicious smoothie:

1 small bag frozen cherries
1 c. almond milk (I substituted dark chocolate almond milk)
1-2 T. almond butter
2 T. vanilla egg-white protein powder (I did not have this so I used an egg white)

At least one meal is solved and now I’m inspired to come up with other delicious smoothie combinations this week. I also like fresh fruit & veggie juice, so I’ll work those in there as well.

As long as they aren’t papaya or beets.

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