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May 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

A lot of times when you think about being a vegetarian, it’s easy to think of it in terms of what you’re giving up, like yummy, crisp bacon. Yesterday I learned that what you may lose in terms of foods you like you may gain in terms of an invitation to dinner from friends you haven’t seen in awhile who are also eating vegetarian. Score.

Last night my friends, Mark (artist) and Claudia (badass co-founder of Victors & Spoils) invited me over for an amazing meal that served as a reminder that going vegetarian can still mean going gourmet. They swear by a cookbook by Eloise Nelson called 14 Day Gourmet. The zucchini pasta dish above was not only inventive but delicious. The whole meal was full of flavor. It was a night of good food with good people.

This week I’ve been embraced with lots of delicious sounding recipes and encouragement from friends who either are vegetarians or are enjoying the benefits of at least eating a more vegetarian diet. I’ll have some speed bumps this week, like a BBQ (this will be hard; I am a Southerner at heart), but I plan on holding strong and now have some recipes to try that should stack up well to any delicious, juicy burger.

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