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May 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

No one would dispute that family is one of the most important things in life, but most would probably agree we often don’t recognize that importance.

It’s probably why Mother’s Day & Father’s Day were signed into law by Congress, the former in the 1912 by Woodrow Wilson, the latter by Nixon in 1972. Interestingly the Father’s Day bill was introduced in 1913 but was defeated multiple times over the years for fear it would become too commercialized. I suppose their fears were well-founded.

We’re now pretty much right between the two on the calendar, so I thought it appropriate that one of my letters be a letter home to both of my parents.

I’m lucky to have such wonderful parents and I don’t tell them so enough. A large part in what I’m doing now is due to how they raised me. They’ve always encouraged me to broaden my horizons & explore and also taught me the most important part of it…follow through.

I also sent a couple of other letters to family I don’t see very often anymore. As my mailman walked up today I could see he was pleasantly surprised there were actual letters in the mailbox and not just Netflix returns. (We’re catching up on The Wire – it’s awesome)

Hopefully my Mom & Dad will be pleasantly surprised this week (if they happen to not be reading my blog that is).



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