establishing my own agenda

June 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

This famous cover of The New Yorker by Saul Steinberg was the perfect representation of the view that NY was the center of the universe. The agenda for many things, especially the news, was set in NY. That is still largely the case, but more and more that power & agenda are shifting. With the explosion of Twitter and the rise of organizations like WikiLeaks, information isn’t put through the same filters, or any filters really, before it reaches us.

I’m looking forward to checking out –  Page One: Inside the New York Times , a movie following the transformation of the company to keep up with the digital world. It’s a pretty fascinating time in media and this movie will be an interesting look into how one of the great news sources is coping.

One of the things I’m exploring this week is not only finding reputable sources but also making sure I’m getting real information vs information that’s heavily filtered, especially in the case of our involvement in Iraq & Afghanistan.


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