How many times do I really need to see Weiner’s wiener?

June 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sorry to bring up this image on my blog, but it’s been the “overarching image” of the week. I’ve been resolutely following the news across a wide range of sources and it’s safe to say the main story has been about Rep. Anthony Weiner lying about sending photos of his wiener. They’ve pretty much covered “every angle”. While it’s been an entertaining & pun-filled week of wiener jokes, I also have to ask myself how much I really gain from following that ongoing saga beyond a little entertainment. Another political sex scandal? Big news.

I think the Daily Show summed this week of news up nicely in their segment C#@k-Blocked Roundup. It was a pretty humorous look at the much more significant news that took a backseat to all of the media attention on the Weiner scandal.

I don’t fault the media for having a little fun. I’ve had a few laughs as well. It’s not often something so ridiculous and so perfectly ripe for ridicule comes along.

But this week was ultimately supposed to be about me understanding what I get from following the news. Let’s be honest, a week of Weiner is more than enough. I suppose the news IS ultimately trying to have a conversation about whether he should resign. What do I think about that? Do I think he’s a scumbag? Yes. Do I think he’s an idiot for thinking he could do that and get away with it? Yes. Ultimately do I think he should resign? Whether there was criminal activity or not, he lied to the public and thought he could get away with it, so yes.

The news was a bit “lopsided” this week. It’s hard to decide whether I should be following it daily or weekly. Based on this week I would say “no”. I’m leaning towards a weekly summary rather than being caught up in the daily unfolding of events. I think I would have done just fine getting the summary of it all in the Sunday Times.

I suppose I wouldn’t have had as many laughs though.


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