My Dukulele

June 14, 2011 § 1 Comment


After my failed attempt at naming my composting bin Compton, I vowed not to name anymore of my projects, but a ukulele kind of begs to have a name. Mine is from China from a placed called Vineyard guitars – not inspiring…I need to bring it back to Hawaii.

“Dukulele” (Duku for short) will be his name in honor of my Hawaiian college friend, Duke. He actually coined the name on FB after unabashedly correcting my misspelling yesterday:

“In Hawai’i we spell it Ukulele, but it would be very British and Haole….. I s’pose… to spell it Ukelele. Although a great way to remember the spelling is to know the word in Hawai’i for “Uku” [oooh kooh] an Uku is a flea or like a bug. When I was young we’d say something like, “tag… you’re it. you got the Ukus,” the equivalent in the South of saying, “you got the cooties.” I think lele means “get over here.” I have an aunt who would scold me with that word.”

Learning a musical instrument is definitely one of those things that’s really difficult to learn for me. I feel clumsy and out of my element. It’s definitely one of those things I feel fine messing around with in a room by myself but would feel to self-conscious about with other people. This will be a good lesson for me to be less uptight and just jump in, leaving perfection aside during Dukulele time. I can think of no one better to channel than Duke and his effervescent personality. I’ll just imagine him sitting here saying “Girl, you gotta just start strummin’.”

More likely he’d just say “tag… you’re it. you got the Ukus”, laugh and run away.

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