Ready for a little cleansing

July 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

When I did yoga week one of the things I learned is that for every stretch it’s good to have a counter stretch to keep your stretching in balance. I am going to look at starting a cleanse as a counter stretch to all of the great bread, home roasted coffee, wine, booze and most recently homemade ice cream I’ve been enjoying over the last 6 months of this project.

I’ve never been that into dieting and I remember when my friend Wendy recently did the Clean cleanse (the Paltrow cleanse if you will) I was teasing her that cleanses are the re-branding of dieting. I’ve never been one to give up the food & drink I enjoy. Life without chocolate, coffee, wine, cheese and bacon is really not worth living.

New York cardiologist Alejandro Junger’s Clean cleanse keeps popping up and beckoning me to give it a try. My sister and her husband were its most recent victims, I mean converts. They swear by it and besides the pounds dropped, they talk more about the amount of energy they have. That’s what got me listening. As I read more about it how good people felt seemed to be a common trend. Rather than the crash diet approach to many cleanses this one seeks to eliminate bad eating and the resulting toxins that have built up. You still get to eat quite a lot for a cleanse. The best part is that it is heavily smoothie based (one for breakfast, one for dinner) and especially in the Summer I love me some smoothies. The side benefit of Clean I’m excited about is that my kitchen will require a lot less attention.

I read an article from Outdoor magazine that sums up what I expect to get out of this. Christopher Keyes, the writer, was a pretty skeptical guy to say the least going in. I like how he documented how the weeks went by and I can see myself having similar experiences. He describes at one point sprinting up the stairs to his house like he was back in high school.

My cleanse will officially start tomorrow as I’m expecting my cleanse package to arrive today. I’m savoring my last sips of caffeine for the next 3 weeks as I write this. Technically you’re supposed to do a pre-cleanse elimination, but 21 days is about the most I’m willing to commit to right now.

Wish me luck.



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