Day 1: Bottoms up!

July 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Height: 5’4″
Weight: 127.8 lbs.
% Fat: 23%
% water: 55%

Expectations: I’m always skeptical of dieting and quick cleanses, so I was a little skeptical going into this as well but I’ve been reading Junger’s book, Clean, and he presents a pretty strong case. He often bases it on his own personal experience that I can relate to. Beaten down by bad eating habits, stress and just not having time to take care of himself, his health eventually led to prescriptions for depression and chest pain. He didn’t want to live life on medication vs exploring what else could change.

I’m impressed with how much he’s done to glean insights from all different cultures, both modern and traditional. The 21 day cleanse he landed on is all about giving the body a break so it can restore its natural ability to “defend, repair, heal, and even rejuvenate itself.”

There are a few benefits described in the book that I’m most interested in.

1 – He claims you will have significantly more energy because your body won’t be spending so much time managing its toxicity level.

2 – Your skin will dramatically improve. He cites case after case of people being told they look significantly younger and that their skin looks healthier. I’m not vain, but sounds pretty compelling to me!

3 – I’d like to drop 5 lbs. Since moving to Boulder I’ve already shed a few pounds I gained in LA (most likely from Mexican food and a stressful job), but I’d like to lose a few more to just feel lighter. In reading about body fat %, I actually fall in the range of fitness (surprising to me), so I’m ok there but hope to lose a few % points as well.

So far so good: I had a good start to the day. I think the smoothies are the easy part. You can either keep it simple or you can make something more interesting with one of the many smoothie & juice recipes they give you. In addition you take supplements that aid in digestion. I was a little nervous about this since I’ve never even been able to take multivitamins without having getting nauseated. So far so good. I didn’t feel any shock to my system.

Danger! : They tell you to have food on hand to make it as easy as possible and this was the one thing I wasn’t prepared for. My meeting inevitably went way over and I found myself close to 1:00 with no food to come home to in the fridge. I was “starving” at that point and rather than deal with Whole Foods I picked up a salad from Wendy’s. I’ve been working on a fast food job, so I was kind of interested to see if their fresh salad option was worthy of cleanse food. It doesn’t fall into the organic category and I couldn’t eat a few things on it but overall it was ok. Not a strong way to start though.

I’m realizing I need to take it seriously having food on hand. After lunch I made my way over to the store and am covered for the next few days.

I now have smoothies, lunches and snacks to tide me over. Day 2 should be a breeze!


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