A different momentum

August 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

We’ve become like sharks. It’s as though our very life depends on being in constant motion. Slowing down means missing out. Stepping away means giving up precious ground you’ve cultivated. We don’t like breaking the enchanted momentum of our busyness. God forbid if we step away too long, even for a week-long vacation. The world would forget about us.

I’ve stepped away for awhile now and at times I’ve really struggled with the loss of momentum I feel. I miss the feeling of working towards building a career in something.  At times I miss working in an office. Work is one of the easiest ways to stay busy without having to think much about it. You’re always working towards something. It’s structured. It’s easy to head to work, follow the flow and call it a day without having to think about how you should be spending your time. It feels like you’re always moving forward in some way.

I just got to a place where I wasn’t interested in furthering my career in advertising, so what do I do with that momentum I felt? What do I replace it with? What am I supposed to be doing now?

Complete freedom can easily deteriorate into complete boredom. It’s up to me to be determining what I should be doing now. I set my own agenda, determine how the day plays out and make it happen on my own. I haven’t figure out what that momentum should look like yet. I’ve wanted it to feel the same as it used to even though it’s a different situation. I haven’t stopped to ask myself how it could be different now and still feel as fulfilling as that work momentum used to.

Part of doing nothing this week is about finally put that old momentum to rest. I’m going to let things lie for a bit without putting any pressure on it. I’m going to let myself stop so I can look around and start to see where I can build a different momentum.


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