October 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

After yesterday I think I’m hooked on fly fishing. Even though I caught the tiniest one of the group I still caught my first cutthroat trout using a mayfly cripple pattern fly. Yesterday was part lesson, part fishing so we started off by learning to cast, mend & float the fly. It’s definitely a rhythm it probably takes awhile to learn. He taught us to put the bottom of the pole in our shirtsleeve so we didn’t break our wrist which helped a lot.

Our guide, JB, was really great and patient with us. He’s been fly fishing in Jackson Hole for 14 years and started Fish on the Fly. We asked him if he gets a lot of clients like us and not surprisingly he said “not really”. He was a great sport though and made it a lot of fun for us.

My sister also caught herself a nice size trout. I was kind of surprised we were able to catch anything on our first time. JB helped our 6 year old nephew out with casting and they also caught one.

My nephew’s verdict was that it was pretty cool but slimy. Good assessment.

Beyond the excitement of catching the fish, it was just really relaxing to be out on the river enjoy the swoosh of the cast and the sounds & sights of the Snake River. Just after one day I can see the draw of spending an afternoon out on the river. It is surely the cure for modern busyness.

We were even lucky enough to catch a family of moose by the riverbank as we floated by.

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