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Pappardelle is one of my favorite types of pasta. There was a place I used to go to in LA all the time that had an amazing pappardelle dish with smoked duck and porcini. Last night my husband made a delicious pork ragu. It definitely made up for my first attempt; not bad but needs some work.

This was my first time making pasta dough with egg. My well of flour didn’t quite hold up but it didn’t run all over the place at least.

After kneading the dough for about 5 minutes I let it rest for a half hour. Then it was time to break out the new pasta roller, the Marcato Atlas 150 for about $70. This was the tricky part for me. It’s hard to know what size and shape of dough to put in. You then fold it in thirds and add flour passing it through multiple times. It’s hard to manage the shape of it. I think this just takes some practice. By the end I had slightly more uniform sheets.

My dad pitched in on the cranking after awhile. It seems like when you’re making pasta everyone either wants to watch or do some small task. It’s definitely a good group activity.

My sheets all came out in different sizes, so my husband cut each one individually. He also did a test run boiling them. Some thought they were a little too thick while others thought they were pretty close to the right thickness. I was just glad they were not only edible, but pretty delicious. I think when it comes to making and eating pasta everyone has their own preferences on things like that. For my first time I was pretty happy but I need a lot of practice.

Tonight we take on ravioli.

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