A scared husband & a new series

October 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last night we downloaded the pilot for American Horror Story from the creators of Glee and Nip/Tuck. My younger sister loves scary movies & TV and recommended it to me for this week. We had no idea what to expect and it was creeeeepy and suspenseful from the outset. My shoulders were tensing up and I covered my eyes pretty early on. I noticed my husband was a little fidgety too. I knew something was up when he conveniently went to get water at one of the most suspenseful, scary-music-driven moments. He doesn’t like scary movies either!

I always thought it was just me, but all this time he was secretly glad I never wanted to watch anything really scary because he in fact also gets scared and has trouble sleeping afterward. I jokingly asked him if he wanted me to download the rest of the series for when I was out of town this week.

As I was watching it I didn’t think I could keep watching because it was making our house feel creepy. We do have a ghost that turns on the ceiling fan and light in our room at night. We like to think of our ghost as a benevolent one since I don’t have to walk into a dark room at night and the fan usually only comes on when it’s hot.

We were both keyed up after so we watched some episodes of last season’s Dexter to take the edge off. It was good comedy after this show.

The show has an amazing cast. Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy (Six Feet Under) are two of the main characters and are perfect for their roles. I don’t know if I can keep watching the show but I also want to see what happens next. It definitely has an old school feel to it and is well done. I may just have to watch it in the daytime.

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