finding my own circadian rhythm

March 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week I set out simply to get up and see seven sunrises in a row as a change of pace from my normal routine of sleeping as late as I can get away with. Per usual with this project, it got me thinking about a lot of other things like whether I could become a morning person and whether I’m getting a good night’s sleep.

I still don’t know that I’m a morning person but I know I would like to continue getting up some mornings to catch the sunrise. Boulder is a beautiful place and sunrise is arguably the most beautiful time of day to enjoy it. It’s quiet and peaceful. You have time with your own thoughts. As cheesy as it sounds it’s like you’re waking up with nature vs an “alarm”. There’s just something about it that makes the rest of your day feel manageable waking up that way. It reminds me of living in LA and driving home along the beach watching the sun set over the ocean. It puts your day in perspective and reminds you no matter how hectic the day can often be, there’s a pace that transcends it.

Getting up early for a week forced me to examine some of my sleeping habits that I normally don’t really pay a lot of attention to. I realized I wasn’t really getting a good night’s sleep. I learned a few things that I’ll keep doing to sleep better and therefore wake up feeling more rested.
1) relax before bedtime – no more web surfing, texting, stressful TV shows right up until bedtime. Instead bath time and reading. I’m excited about the new world of bath products I’ll get to explore!
2) no alcohol right before bedtime but rather a glass of wine earlier in the evening. (of course this doesn’t count nights out with friends)
3) no TV, iPad, mac or iPhones in the bedroom.
4) try not to wake up to an alarm clock or repetitive snoozing in the morning but rather the morning light & sounds. It’s really not that hard to do. (of course have a backup)

Some people say it’s good to have a set bedtime and wake up time each day. I’m not someone who likes having a regimented schedule like that, but I do think after this week, I’ll get better sleep and naturally wake up to enjoy some beautiful sunrises.

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