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April 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

March has ended and I’m on week 14. I wondered if at this point I would still be able to come up with things I want to do. I’ve actually been thinking about how I want to make sure I get to do everything I want to before it’s over. Every week, one thing I do seems to turn me onto something else I’m interested in learning about.

Since I’m at a milestone of sorts I thought it would be fun to look back at what I have learned and loved the most about each week so far.

week 1: finding a signature cocktail. I love the cocktail I made but even more so the bartenders I got to know in Boulder who now try out lots of fun new concoctions on me when I come by.

week 2: learning to make pickles was exhausting but great. I think it was a tie between learning how easy kimchi is to make and how good it is for you and making pickled okra which I now always have around for a snack.

week 2: roasting my own coffee is a new passion. I still do it twice a week & have started narrowing down the kind of coffee I love the most (rwandan, papua new guinea, el salvadorian)

week 4: spending a week out doing winter activities pushed me out of my comfort zone. I was most proud of going skiing again after being too afraid for the last 15 years. Ice fishing was the funniest moment of the week.

week 5: i felt amazing after a yoga week. the highlight was definitely meeting Bikram, the real spiritual gangster.

week 6: bread making was my first hiccup…i’m not a bread maker. However, I did find a place I love called Great Harvest Bread Co where I now buy my bread every week. Scott is truly an inspiration.

week 7: making lace is a madwoman’s pastime. I was strangely frustrated yet addicted at the same time and was proud of the lace bookmark I made (which is now on my Mom’s refrigerator back in SC. 🙂

week 8: I got to meet some wonderful local farmers & join a CSA. I loved meeting the Monroe’s from Monroe Farms, one of the oldest organic farms in the country. I’m looking forward to wonderful weekly local produce.

week 9: looking into volunteering reminded me of the good side of humanity. I plan to get involved with the Therapeutic Riding Center when I’m done with traveling so much. I’m currently volunteering some strategic help with a truly special organization called Paradox Sports. Check them out. Malcolm, the enthusiastic Exec Director is hell bent on teaching me how to climb the flatirons here in Boulder to get over my fear of heights.

week 10: I saved a ton of money! About $5,000 for the year…just by calling up all of our service companies and hunkering down on cleaning.

week 11: This was my favorite week of all so far. I got to spend time with some of the best sommeliers in the country at Frasca. This week taught me how to learn about wine & made me appreciate it even more. I would live at Frasca if they let me.

week 12: After all the great wine, I thought I’d take it easy, get to bed early and catch 7 sunrises. I’ve definitely fallen in love with this time of day in Boulder. It’s the most beautiful time of day in such a gorgeous place.

week 13: I’m on my way to learning Italiano for our vacation in May! Slowly but surely I’m learning with RosettaStone to guide me. Andiamo!

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